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Pellets: Better Alternative Natural Feed For Cattle

Posted by Admin on May, 28, 2021

As the term signifies, cattle feed pellets are the feed pellets that are produced for feeding cattle. These are the all in one food for the cattle that are made in the feed pellet mill with help of great pressure. These natural cattle feed pellets are very much beneficial for milk and meat producing cattle. These feed pellets are rich in minerals, proteins and several other balanced nutrients.

Pelleted feeds bear a very negligible effect on their flavour, composition and formulation for their prolonged product life along with nutrient conservation and mild temperature variations. The pelleted feeds require a very small space for storage and the feed wastes are also little. Therefore, the cleaning activities involved are minimised. The thermal and mechanical process of handling natural cattle feed pellets Punjab, increases their digestibility and nutritional value.

The granulated feed gives benefits in several ways. Since the grain is cooked while grinding at a moderately high temperature, they are easily handled in cold weather and also moulded in hot weather with fewer propensities. Also because these grains are not sticky, the pellets do not leave back much waste in the stabiliser and the bottles.

The horses are highly benefitted from the nutritional values of the pelleted foods. Cows are recommended for consuming 1 kilogram of this cattle feed pellet per day and buffalo 1.25 kilograms per day for better milk production.

Composition of the Pellets

Cattle feed pallets are basically a type of compound feed. It is composed of a number of materials which includes cereals, seeds of the oleaginous crops, the pulp of dried beet, forage in addition to chemical preservatives, minerals, vitamins, legumes and other micro ingredients which are considered essential regarding the health of the cattle.

These cattle feed pellets are very much high in protein and it also possesses all other nutrients in balanced quantity. All these nutrients are extensively formulated, exclusively for every kind of cattle. Raw materials used by the manufacturer of this cattle feed are-
• Agricultural residues, such as maize straw, wheat straw, grass, wheat bran, peanut seedling, grain
• Cereals
• Oil cakes
• Molasses

Equipment Required for Pellet Production

Manufacturing this cattle pellet needs a proper set up of equipment.
• Tank: Tank is required for storing auxiliary and raw materials.
• Blender: A feed pellet blender blends the dusted and powdered material. This helps to obtain a uniformly blended mixture.
• Mill: A hammer mill is required to grinding the raw material of the feed into fine powder.
• Feed pelletizer: This equipment is the most important one for preparing the feed pellets.

Steps of Making Feed Pellets

The cattle feed pellets are produced following few steps. They are as follows-

1. Selecting the Raw Material: The raw materials of the cattle feed pellets should be chosen wisely for the end product needs to be rich in various types of nutrients, especially protein and in a balanced proportion. The right selection of the raw materials would provide the cattle with essential nutrients.

2. Crushing: In the second step, the raw materials are crushed into fine dusted and powdered form by using the feed hammer mill.

3. Mixing: Using a feed pellet blender the crushed ingredients are mixed and blended nicely.

4. Pelletizing: Modulation and physical situation of the raw materials is the final and very important step. This job is done using the pellet machine.

Cattle feed pellets are a better alternative to the normal feed for the cattle. This feed enhances meat and milk production.

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