Fresh Paddy Straws: - The Agricultural By-products Of The Rice Plant

Posted by Admin on June, 17, 2020

Paddy or rice has originated from Asia, where it has been cultivated since 6500 BC and is now adopted in most tropical and subtropical regions. Paddy straw is the vegetative part or the dry stalks of the rice plant left after the grain harvesting. The paddy straws are the agricultural by-products which are may be burned or left on the field after harvesting. The fresh Paddy straws are major forage in paddy-producing areas. Usually, paddy straws make up about half of the yield of paddy crops and have many uses including livestock bedding, fuel, animal fodder, thatching, basket making, etc. The paddy straws are widely used for cattle farms, pig farms, mushroom cultures, and livestock companies.

Paddy straws are burned or plowed under and may cause air pollution or generate leachates. Plowing under can also proliferate fungi, harmful for soil. Giving a boost to the efforts to check the stable burning and the renewable energy sectors, the government has taken various steps and started biofuel plants to convert these straws into biofuel. Feeding these straws to livestock reduces its environmental impact and makes the best use of paddy as both an energy source and a protein provider.

Benefits of paddy straws:-

• Paddy straws are fed as part of the rough component of the diet to cattle or livestock which fulfill their energy requirement. These straws have low digestive energy and high nutrient content and are useful in maintaining body temperature in cold climates.
• These straws are used to make compost.
• These straws are coiled and bound to make baskets, ropes, paper, and hats.
• The straws are used to make bedding for humans as well as livestock.
• The paddy straws are used to make biofuel and biogas. They are used as a carbon-neutral energy source. The biofuel produced from these straws is the substitute for coal.
• The paddy straws are used to bind clay and concrete and the mixture is used to make construction materials.
• Paddy straw bales are sometimes used for sediment control at construction sites.
• The paddy straws are utilized to cultivate edible mushrooms.
• These straws are resistant to being crushed and therefore serve as good packing material.
• Many trees are wrapped with these straws to protect them from the effects of a hard winter as well as to use them as a trap for parasite insects.
• These straws are also used in ponds to reduce algae by changing the nutrient ratios in the water.
• As these straws are waterproof, lightweight with good insulation properties, they are used for thatching.
• Paddy straws also serve as a soil improver.

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