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Why You Must Get Balanced Cattle Feed Pellets For Your Livestock?

Posted by Admin on May, 23, 2020

Cattle feed pellet is all in one form of feed given to different cattle like cows, oxen, sheep, etc. it is also suitable for goat and cattle reared for milk and meat. Balanced cattle feed pellets are enriched with all vital nutrients, minerals, and protein useful for milk production and survival of animals.

Raw Materials used to make feed pellets

Balanced Cattle feed pellets manufacturer Kapurthala make use of oil cakes, agro-residues like peanut, seedling, grass, maize straw, wheat straw, grain, wheat bran, etc.

How is it good for cattle?

It is also known as complete feed pellet as it is composed of four parts:

1. Protein feed like bean and its oil cake/meal, fish meal, etc.

2. Energy feed like wheat bran, corn, etc.

3. Coarse feed also known as roughage, is composed of corn stalk, wheat straw, pasture, vinasse, etc.) and,

4. Additives like vitamins, microelements, and salt, mineral feed, bone powder, etc.

By feeding cattle with this complete or balanced feed pellets, you do not need to feed them other fodder and water. That’s why it is called “complete”.

Qualities of Feed Pellets

1. Feed pellets have

2. Higher nutrition density,

3. More comprehensive nutrition,

4. Higher economic benefits (animals can digest, absorb and conserve better) and

5. Easier to store and transport than traditional roughage (coarse fodder)

Benefits of making cattle feed pellets

From a manufacturer’s viewpoint the profits of making balanced cattle feed pellets consist of

1. Reduced the separation of mixed feedstuffs,

2. Improved bulk density,

3. Compact dustiness, and

4. Enhanced handling characteristics

Types of cattle feed pellets

Pure forage (grass) feed pellet is a feed pellet that only makes from grass, hay, grain straw, stalk, alfalfa, etc. It is the effortlessly making feed pellets for livestock farm.

Concentrated feed pellet

It is composed of energy feed, protein feed, mineral feed, and some feed additives. It is mainly suitable for feeding herbivores like cattle, sheep, and rabbits. This is helpful as a supplement for herbivorous animals which are based on coarse feed, green fodder, and silage, so it is also called concentrate supplement feed, or mixed concentrate feed. This kind of feed has incomplete nutrition, so it is only a portion of animal feed to supplement the nutrition that livestock lacks by only eating forage grass or silage feed pellets.

Premix feed pellet

Its full name is feed additive premix, denotes to the feed pellets that are mostly composed of feed additives.

There are mainly 3 kinds of feed additives:

1. Nutritive additives comprising trace elements, vitamins, amino acids,

2. Drug additives mainly for preventing disease and promoting length, and

3. General additives (such as mildew proof and incense enhancer, etc.

It is single formed by cattle feed pellet manufacturing factories Punjab.

Where to get a high-quality product?

There are numerous balanced cattle feed pellets supplier Punjab. They are available to supply cattle feed all across the nation.

Following are the qualities to look for

• Finest-quality maize

• No artificial coloring

• Deals bulk orders

• Delivery service

• Reasonable rates

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