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How Best Quality Dairy Cattle Feed Pallets Are Made?

Posted by Admin on May, 27, 2020

Cattle providing dairy inputs needs to be provided with nutritious feed so that they can give the right amount of milk and in its best nutritious form. The dairy cattle feed pellets is a compound feed that is a mixture of various things like foliage, barley, wheat, bran, forage, wheat etc. It also has other additives such as minerals, vitamins and other micro nutrients that can boost the health of the cattle. Pelleting is a technique that improves the quality of the cattle feed and allows the inclusion of a number of elements into the constitution of the feed without changing the texture of the feed. This is a feed that adequately meets the growth and the nutrition requirement s of the cattle at their various stages of growth in the process of making these pellets heat, water and pressure is applied to the food elements. This creates a final gelatin effect on the feed.

The popularity of these feeds is growing in leaps and bounds and they are being demanded by cattle farms of various sizes. As a result demands for dairy cattle feed pellets Punjab has increased many folds.

Process of Production

The process of making cattle feed pellet as followed by the dairy cattle feed pellet manufacturers in Kapurthala involves a number of steps and stages. Let us take a look at them.

• Raw Material – The initial process is to get the raw material from different sources. Here raw materials like barley, soya bean, cotton stalk, maize straw, molasses, cereals, wheat, and corn fiber and so on.

• The next process is that of grinding the raw material in pellet plant. The whole thing is grinded into a pellet powder form. The process of grounding of the powder form improves the digestion level of the cattle.

• Batching – This is the process where a grouping is done of the total powder form. This batching helps in creating groups that will help to form the quality of the food and also mention different categories of the final quality.

• Mixing – This is the process that mixes different raw materials into different capacities and proportions. It determines the final quality of the cattle feed.

• Pelleting – This is the process that mixes dry steam is mixed with the raw materials in order to improve the palatability and the taste of the final feed.

• Packaging – This is the final stage where the cattle feed is packed into packages so that they can be placed in the final market.

The element of quality happens to be very important in the case of these cattle feed. When buying from any dairy cattle feed pellets supplier always check the element of quality. Check the quality control sign which will ensure that you are but buying the best quality of fed for your cattle. The prices of such standard quality cattle feed happen to be stable ones. Do not opt for very cheap cattle feed, as in such cases quality can be compromised.

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